How does it work?

Viking is a highly secure, created container for any type of file. System algorithms create the file to produce a Viking file-type.

Drop a file and the system will automatically decrypt it if it is a Raven file. Any other file types can be created for specific recipients.

The next step allows users to download the Viking file in order to share or save it. It also allows the user to attach the Raven file to an email to those specific users.

In the case of uploading a Viking file, users will be directed to the decryption tool with an interface that allows them to preview the original file.

Upload Viking File to Decrypt.

Create Viking Files


add recipints


Downloade Create Viking Files

    Add Files
    Or drop here
    Attach a file up to 5000 MB
    (Upgrade for increased capacity)
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    This option allows you to add a personal message to the recipient

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